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Benefits of Using Best Reception’s Telephone Answering Service

Best Reception has been providing call handling services for 15 years. At Best Reception, we can help you ensure your calls are answered. Throughout the years, we have found our clients have seen an improvement in their customer service, client retention, and are able to focus on the every day running of their business. Read on to find out how an answering service can help your business.

Receptionists Who Know You and Your Business

We understand how important your company’s reputation is. That’s why when you join us, we ask for a bit more information about your company, what you do and what you want us to do. Once we know a bit about you, our trainers individually show each of the receptionists who will be handling your client the ins and outs of your company. If you have any questions down the line, or if you have anything to add, give us a call and we’ll update our information.

Tailored to you

Of course, you can decide which information we obtain, but every call is logged and a message sent to you to say what happened. We can put the caller through to you, handle it ourselves using information you provide, or we can take a message and say you’ll call back – you decide! Our current clients use our services to cover lunch breaks, comfort breaks, unplanned sick leave, holidays and days off. We’re even used to make sure a call isn’t missed when their in house receptionist is with a patient, or when two calls come through at the same time.

Sales Screening

We know that there are some callers you’re not interested in speaking with, whether sales callers or cold calls, we can include sales screening in your plan, meaning we don’t send you a message and can tell cold callers that you’re not interested. If you’d rather make up your own mind, we can send you a message instead, and obtain details as normal.

Out of Hours

We’re here Monday to Friday, from 8am to 7pm, and 8:30am – 5:30pm on Saturdays, but we appreciate every company has different opening hours. We can ensure your callers speak to someone whenever you’re closed, on annual leave, or have a staff training day – whatever the situation, your reception will be manned. Outside of our opening hours, we can offer you an out of hours service or set you up a voicemail which we can monitor.

Diary Management

We are known for our diary management services, and work with a wide range of industries and sectors. Whatever business you’re in, if you have a diary, we can help. We can book, reschedule, cancel and take payment. We understand how important every booking is to our clients, so we do all we can to get every prospective client booked in. We use a wide range of diary software, including but not limited to: Cliniko, Jane App, Practicepal, PPS, Practice Hub, Pearl and Nookal. 

Taking Payment

It’s not just message taking and diary handling we can do. If you need a payment taken, we are happy to handle your payments, directly into your companies’ payment portal and log these on your diary if needed. Whatever you prefer, we will make sure you don’t miss out.

Covid Protocols

The past year has seen a lot of changes take place in businesses. We know that you might need clients to wait outside to be collected, or perhaps you want patients covid screened before their appointment. We can do this to ensure the safety procedures are being upheld in your clinic.

A Price Plan That Works for You

We are proud to offer a free trial allowing you to try us first. We always recommend using our free trial to check us out. This also helps us both understand how many calls you receive and are potentially missing. When we know how many calls you are likely to receive, we can make a recommendation on a call plan and tailor this so that it works for you. Some of our clients only need one booking to cover our fee, so why not enquire about our free trial today.


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