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0330 Phone Numbers

Get a customer friendly number for your business

Get a non-geographic 0330 number for your business from the experts at Best Reception. Combine with a cost-effective call handling package and a FREE 14-day trial.

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What are 0330 numbers?

According to the definition on Wikipedia, 0330 numbers are non-geographic and call charges are the same as UK local rate numbers.

They were created by the regulator Ofcom as an alternative to premium 08 numbers. Since their introduction in 2007, 03 numbers are the only non-geographic numbers whose charges are linked to local-rate calls.

Non-geographic simply means 03 numbers are not linked with a region or city. They are most commonly used by businesses who prefer using one national number rather than several local ones.

No, they are not free. However, calls to 0330 numbers are charged at the same rate as UK local calls (to landlines with 01 or 02 prefixes). Ofcom regulations ensure that 03 numbers are included in tariffs offering inclusive minutes or free calls to local numbers. Looking at the most popular landline service providers, 0330 number costs would be between 9.5p and 13.5p per minute at peak time.

If you call an 0330 number from a UK mobile and outside of your tariff limits, the cost can vary from 3p to 35p per minute, depending on your provider. If you are unsure if 0330 numbers are included in your mobile phone package, we recommend you contact your service provider.

Here at Best Reception, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions for our business customers. For example, you can get an 0330 number for a small one-off cost (from just £50). Going forward, it will can cost from just £10 per month to get a non-geographic number diverted to a UK landline or mobile number of your choice. Did you know: there are no monthly costs when you choose a Best Reception call handling service?

You can contact us today to learn about our FREE 14-day trial.

If you require something special such as a memorable 0330 number, we can find one at a great price.

Market your business across the UK with a non-geographic number from Best Reception. Unlike some virtual phone numbers which attract premium call charges, our 0330 numbers cost the same as a standard call to a local landline. In order to find the best value, we recommend using a non-geographic number in conjunction with one of our call handling packages.

Many businesses use 0330 numbers as part of their commitment to providing excellent customer service. For example, major retailers, insurance firms and car breakdown companies offer an 0330 customer helpline. This means customers face the same charges as they would if they were calling a nearby friend or relative.

Whatever your industry or the size of your company, there are many benefits for adopting a non-geographic 0330 number for business. If you feel constrained by your existing local area phone number, you could advertise nationwide using a single non-geographic number.

Because our virtual numbers are not tied to a property or existing landline, you can divert your calls to an office or mobile number of your choosing. Virtual numbers also offer continuity, as you can keep them even when your move location.

There are plenty of benefits for your customers too. For example, local call rates mean they are cheaper than other national numbers.

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Buy a 0330 number

The friendly, professional team at Best Reception can answer all your questions on how to buy a 0330 number. For some further information, contact us or call us FREE on 0800 0430084.

How it works

The friendly experts at Best Reception will ensure that the process of getting a freephone number for your business is as smooth as possible.

There are no hidden fees or lengthy contracts, it only takes a small one-off cost (from just £50) to get things started.

No monthly fee with our call handling services.


Would you like a memorable phone number for your business? 

If you do, we can find you one at a great price. You can keep the number, even when you cancel your Best Reception service.

No monthly fee with our call handling packages​​

When you choose a call handling package with Best Reception, a 0330 number is free every month after paying an initial set-up fee.

Here are more details about our range of packages.

Phone answering service

One of our most popular services, this is the perfect first step to using the UK-based Best Reception call answering team. Our friendly professionals provide a high level of customer service by answering your business calls promptly and politely.

Perfect for small business owners who spend a lot of time out on the road or on site, our team of receptionists to look after all your enquiries, call transfers and messages.

Virtual receptionist managing appointments in a diary

Virtual receptionist

For those who require an extra level of support, our virtual receptionists can act as your PA.

Whether you need someone to answer all your phone calls or manage your diary appointments, the team at Best Reception can take on those time-consuming admin tasks.

This should give you the freedom to focus on other parts of your day-to-day business.

Virtual call centre / Remote switchboard

Ideal for larger companies who receive a high volume of incoming enquiries, our UK-based receptionists will handle your switchboard operation.

Calls will be answered in a professional manner, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your customers will receive a positive first impression of your company.