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Call Centre UK Services

We’ll handle your call centre needs – you’ll save time and money

Capture more opportunities with our UK-based switchboard and high-volume answering services. We offers a 14-day FREE trial – start yours now!


Outsourced switchboard services you can trust

You can trust Best Reception’s UK call centre team to provide you and your callers with outstanding customer service.

Our Best Receptionists are customer service experts – they’ve been handling our clients’ calls superbly since 2006. They answer all calls promptly using a greeting of your choosing – always friendly, always professional.

Best Reception’s outsourced call centre services are for thriving companies needing high quality support for telephone-based customer calls that’s optimised for scalability with price-competitive call plans.

Best Reception also offers telephone answering for small businesses requiring our entry-level call forwarding and message taking services. For appointment booking and diary management our virtual receptionist packages may be your best-fit solution.

Our call centre packages

For companies experiencing larger volumes of over 500 calls per-month,our call centre services could be the most appropriate option. Best Reception call centre services are available as competitively priced call plans. All our services are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

675 Inclusive calls

£ 1000 per month
  • £1.30 per extra call

1485 Inclusive calls

£ 2000 per month
  • £1.20 per extra call

3240 Inclusive calls

£ 4000 per month
  • £1.10 per extra call

5400 Inclusive calls

£ 6000 per month
  • £1.00 per extra call

9000 Inclusive calls

£ 9000 per month
  • £0.90 per extra call

All prices subject to VAT

Let us answer your calls for 14 days for FREE

Find out how Best Reception can help your business grow. We offer a 14-day FREE trial – start yours now!

Telephone answering equipment
Virtual receptionist answering calls for businesses
People working in a call centre on the phone

Why choose our virtual call centre service?

We’ve been handling high-volume switchboard services to our clients since 2006. Calls can be transferred to you, as you instruct, with our Best Receptionist announcing the call to you so you can choose to accept it.

These are super-busy times for business owners. Best Reception’s services ensure that you gain valuable customer leads and sales opportunities when you’re not able to take a call or capture an enquiry.

Whichever call plan you opt for you will receive a personalised, friendly call handling service.

We can provide your company with enterprise grade call centre services for clients of all sizes and needs, from growing start-ups to established market leaders.
As soon as your service starts (including our 14-day FREE trial) our expert team of Best Receptionists will be familiar with your company, what you do and how you like your calls to be handled.

Rest assured that our reception team is attending to your calls while you carry out your daily activities.

Our team handles incoming calls, collects caller information, schedules appointments, addresses concerns, and reports back to you. We’re proficient in using diary software like Cliniko, Jane, and PracticeHub.

Best Reception’s flexible fully featured call plans will suit your organisation’s budget and requirement.

Call and caller’s details sent to you via e-mail and/or SMS. Information is also obtained from your callers, based on your requirements, and the nature and the outcome of the call.

You can be confident that Best Receptionists always engage professionally with your callers and represent your organisation with the same high standards you expect of your own staff.

Switchboard services

Best Reception’s outsourced call centre and switchboard services can handle high volumes of inbound calls.

Switchboard calls can be transferred to individual staff, departments, etc., via direct dials or mobiles, based on the nature of each call.

You can:

Best Reception’s high volume call centre and outsourced switchboard services also includes our telephone answering and virtual receptionist elements as standard.

Getting started: how we work with you, for you

Start with a call to our friendly Customer Service Team, and you’ll experience Best Reception’s service first hand. Discuss your requirements and how you’d like us to work for you.
This helps our Team to learn the information about you we need to arrange your fully functioning 14-day free trial. We’ll create your call handling instructions and brief your team. Then we’ll start taking your calls!

From the first call your free trial will work – superbly. With your feedback, we’ll build on this to further improve your service. At trial end, we’ll provide a breakdown of anticipated call volumes and recommend a Best Reception call plan for you.

If you decide to continue (most triallists do!), everything will just keep running for you…

Benefits of outsourcing your call centre

Why do businesses need a call centre?

Call centres are the pulsing heart of customer engagement for any business.

A call centre is a service-led resource that handles incoming and outgoing telephone calls from and to your customers. Increasingly, call centres are outsourced to specialist call centre service providers to provide call centre services on their clients’ behalf, but with those providers’ receptionists serving as first points of contact for those clients.

It’s a model known as a virtual call centre. The highly proficient receptionist who answers your calls appears to be at your offices, whereas they are a Best Receptionist working seamlessly on your behalf.

Unlike most virtual call centres, Best Reception’s team is not locationally dispersed. All are based at our offices in Hertfordshire, UK. This enables our team leaders to ensure that we are all fully focused on providing your callers with the customer service that help you to engage successfully with your customers.

Phone answering team taking calls
Business phone with person dialling a virtual number

Other call handling services

All call plans include personalised, friendly call handling – calls answered promptly, using a greeting of your choosing, in a friendly, professional manner by Best Receptionists with an in-depth knowledge of your company/organisation.

They’ll know how you like your calls to be handled, if and when you want calls to be transferred, which call and caller details/information to capture and supplied to you (via e-mail and/or SMS), and more besides.

We understand each company’s call handling needs will vary  – so our call handling services are tiered to meet your needs.

Phone answering service

The entry-level tier is our baseline phone answering service.

With this our UK-based Best Reception call answering team provides your callers with the highest level of customer service. They will answer all calls promptly, and use a greeting of your choosing in a friendly, professional manner.

Our phone answering service is perfect for small businesses requiring friendly receptionists who will handle all your customer enquiries, call transfers and message taking.


Virtual receptionist (Appointment booking)

For most companies the volume of customer enquiries increases as their business grows. Best Reception’s mid-tier virtual receptionist service helps you and your teams to manage that growth.

It manages your telephone calls, diary, appointments and other scheduling tasks. This allows you to focus on the most important, and profitable, aspects of your business.

Virtual numbers

Our virtual numbers services can enable local numbers, national numbers and freephone numbers to be assigned to your business. When customers call your virtual number, they will connect through to your existing direct dial and mobile numbers, as you require.

A local telephone number gives your business a physical presence reach and attracts customers who prefer to buy from a ‘local’ business. Best Reception can provide local numbers as virtual numbers for any town or city in the UK.

We can also change a mobile number to a landline number or assign a Freephone number (0800 / 0300) to your business to lend extra authenticity to your brand image and advertising.

Our virtual numbers are provided at extremely competitive rates and clients can keep their number forever, even if they leave us.

Business phone with person dialling a virtual number

Let us answer your calls for FREE

Whether your requirement fits our standard call plans or needs a call plan that is tailored to you, Best Reception offers a 14-day FREE trial – start yours now!

What our clients say

Best Reception
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14:39 03 Oct 23
I've been using Best Reception for a few months and so far their service has been excellent and far superior to the previous company that I used.
Richard ShirbonRichard Shirbon
14:13 27 May 22
I've used Best Reception for around 1 year now. I've found the service superb. My customers comment on how cheerful and professional the call handling is. They are always looking to help and do their job better. How proficient Best Reception is at their job has even helped me from time to time with the extra details noted on conversations by the call handlers. Excellent service and well worth it's money.
InTune ClinicInTune Clinic
13:04 08 Mar 22
Best reception have been a godsend to our small clinic in Gateshead.We were recommended them by our business coach as we were having difficulty in booking patients in and guiding them to our premises.Completely changed the game having them step in. Our stress levels dropped massively!Definitely use them!
Jennifer RimmerJennifer Rimmer
14:34 23 Feb 22
I used Best Reception for 2 years during a particularly busy period when my location-based Reception was unable to use Cliniko as I moved away from a paper-based diary. Knowing someone would answer the telephone quickly, reliably and make bookings on my diary accurately while I was busy with patients was reassuring and took a load of stress off me. Any issues that arose were minor, quickly resolved with the team managers, communication was great. Overall I wouldn't hesitate to use them again - great service & good value for money.
Angela StevensonAngela Stevenson
15:05 09 Dec 21
Efficient and friendly service. 😊 Edit - 2021 a year later -Best reception continually give an excellent service and have been so supportive during this very difficult year. Also more recently I have had 2 patients in the last week comment what a pleasant receptionist I have - and how friendly helpful and clear she is. Well done best reception staff!
Foot Factor has been working with Best Reception for many years - they are an amazing team, very professional and always ready (and able!) to adapt to regular changes we make in our diary. Our clients appreciate an easy booking service, they're surprised not to find the receptionist at the clinic when they come for their appointment. We appreciate a small, friendly, dedicated team who really know Foot Factor well. Thank you!

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Reasons to choose Best Reception

Best Reception’s proven track record of outstanding customer service means we are extremely proud of our excellent client retention – which we believe is the best demonstration of how well our services perform.

We understand that every company is different, and we will work with you to provide the service that meets your needs and enables you to achieve your business objectives and ensure customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards which all our team are committed to, and provide a friendly, professional service on every single call.

Try our free two-week trial and see for yourself just how super-good we are:

Client sectors​

At Best Reception we work with a wide range of client types, from leading multinationals to growing SMEs, tailoring our service to suit the needs of specific vertical sectors and industries. This enables our clients to focus on building their brand quality, market awareness and revenue streams. Other call centre outsourcing companies simply cannot match our breadth and depth of our client sector experience.

Here are some examples drawn from our extensive range of sector-focused solutions…


Call centre outsourcing for retail

In today’s multichannel sales environment, retailers face many challenges – outsourced call centre services can help them to meet those challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Alongside standard call handling and message taking services we can provide telephone ordering services and frontline support for customer enquiries and much more.

busy retailer in need of telephone answering service
passport and tickets being passed to traveller

Travel and tourism

Whether you are a small boutique travel agency offering holiday packages to select destinations, or a larger multiple branch agency, or operate elsewhere in the tourism sector, it’s vital that your customer enquiries and queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

For smaller agencies it may not be financially feasible to employ full-time reception staff while larger agencies may need to find extra resources to respond to seasonal upswings in customer enquiries.

Best Reception’s virtual call centres provide a solution to both such challenges. We can provide a customised service to suit your travel agency, from simple message taking service to fully-fledged customer helpdesk.

Your virtual Best Receptionist can also advise your callers or any aspects of your agency, from prices, all your holiday packages and deals, right through to flight information and sending out brochures – and can even take payments on your behalf.

Driving instructors and schools

At Best Reception we can help driving instructors and schools of all sizes. Whether a self-employed driving instructor, or a school with multiple instructors that teaches across the UK, we can help your business to move into top gear.

Driving instructors cannot take calls when they are out with learners – but missing these calls can stop them from securing bookings from new learners, who often make a decision based on initial enquiry response. According to BT Business, customers will try to call a maximum of twice before taking their business elsewhere, with 20 percent estimating they would call just once.

Learner drivers often have to reschedule or cancel lessons which leaves gaps in your bookings diary that we could help ensure are filled and updated.

At Best Reception we can answer all of your calls, and book all of your lessons, so you can focus on your learners out on the road.

As a self-employed instructor, knowing that Best Reception is picking up all of your calls when you are teaching allows you to focus on the lesson at hand and help your learners pass. We can answer every new or existing client quickly and efficiently. Whether that is booking in a new client or checking an appointment, we can help with everything you need.

busy people working in a charity in need of phone answering service


Anyone who works in the charities sector knows it’s fiercely competitive. Donation streams are critical, as are interactions with other sources of support, such as funding. Many charities now operate retail operations, which effectively turns them into merchants – so fast and professional interactions with customers and suppliers is imperative.

Best Reception can help charities of all sizes handle all kinds of donor communications, from phone donation lines to frontline donor enquiries to simple ‘thanks you’s to ensure that no opportunity is missed, and that donors and other stakeholders experience a professional and competent interaction.

Cross-sector services

Call overflow management

Because many sectors experience peaks and surges in customer interactions, adequately resourcing call management can be a challenge. It causes delays and extended call waiting times that result in customer loss, with unhappy customers using social media to express their dissatisfaction, leaving your company exposed to reputational damage.

Call centre outsourcing helps you to get the most from customer enquiry surges without having to take your eye of the business with our ready-trained Best Receptionists or risk repeated bad ratings on review sites.

Demand from marketing campaigns

In a crowded marketplace, marketing-led brand differentiation is imperative. Direct response campaigns generate new customer interest and drive demand from your existing buyers. Maintaining this impetus calls for high levels of expertise among customer service and response teams – skills that are increasingly hard to recruit in today’s jobs market.

Outsourcing your business’s direct response call centre to Best Reception helps optimise the return on investment in your direct marketing campaigns, such as new product promotions, discount schemes and other special offers. We can also help you to measure campaign success and track conversion rates.

business customers waiting to be seen

How much money do missed calls cost?

According to BT Business, customers will try to call a maximum of twice before taking their business elsewhere, with a fifth estimating they would call just once.

The cost of missing just one customer call was estimated as approximately £1,200. How much could your business be losing by not answering calls from potential customers?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still wondering about the benefits of our services, or have a burning question, hopefully you will find the answer below.

Call centre capacity is essential for your business to contact and engage with your existing and prospective customers via telephone calling and other communications channels. But call centres represent a resource overhead that is often too costly to support totally inhouse. An outsourced call centre enables most companies to meet their call centre needs flexibly, professionally and in a cost-efficient way that minimises overstretch.

There are many ways in which call centre outsourcing can help your business – some of which you may not be aware of. Best Reception is ready to help you identify and decide which outsourced call centre services are the best fit for your business. Call us, or contact us here and we’ll call you right back.

Generally speaking an outsourced or virtual call centre comprises a range of call centre services that are provided by an external call centre specialist services provider, such as Best Reception. It partners with its clients to manage its telephone call handling in a way that appears to be part of the client’s own organisation. The call centre specialist can also provide a range of additional value added services designed to support their clients’ business growth.

We guarantee that every call that we answer on your behalf will be handled by Best Reception’s friendly and expert team located at our offices in Hertfordshire, UK – your calls will never be diverted to an overseas agent.

We combine our extensive knowledge and experience with advanced call-handling software so that we never answer our clients’ calls in the name of another business. We assign a unique divert number to your company, so there’s a line which is used ONLY by your business. This means no calls from another company can use your line by mistake. When a call comes through, our call-handling software informs our Best Receptionists of the company details so no mix-ups can happen.

We work with your teams to design call flows that respond to your business needs. If you already have an office-hours receptionist team, you can choose an out-of-hours call centre solution, or opt for Best Reception to handle your overflow calls.

Yes, you can keep your existing telephone number and telephone service provider. However, if you prefer, Best Reception can also provide a new number (local or, national or freephone).

Our telephone answering service is a bespoke solution used by a wide range of businesses who choose us to handle their incoming calls. Your calls can be transferred, messages taken or other relevant information provided to your customers.

Almost all telephone systems can be set to divert in just a few moments. We provide you with a dedicated telephone number which you divert your calls to when you are in conference, on another call, or simply otherwise unavailable. When your caller telephones your business, the call is instantaneously and seamlessly diverted to your Best Reception Virtual Personal Assistant. They will immediately know that the call is for your company. The receptionist will then answer in your company’s name and deal with the call as per your set-up instructions.

If you are looking for an appointment booking service, then you should look at our virtual receptionist call plan.

We will answer calls, obtain the callers’ details, book them into your diary, clarify any queries, and send you a message to advise of the details and outcome of each call. No more missed calls that result in a potential lead becoming another company’s customer.

A virtual call centre is a resource that provides a range of telephone call management services. It’s primarily used for receiving or transmitting large volumes of telephone enquiries for different types of recipients. An inbound call centre administers incoming product or service support or information enquiries from customers and others such as business partners. Outbound call centres are usually operated for sales purposes such as telemarketing, soliciting charitable donations, payment collection, marketing and customer feedback.