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Buy a Edinburgh phone number

Enhance your business presence in Scotland’s capital by buying a virtual phone number from Best Reception. From start-ups to established firms, securing an Edinburgh phone number is an affordable way to raise your brand profile.

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What is a virtual Edinburgh phone number

From plumbers in Penrith to dressmakers in Derby, businesses based across the UK can obtain an Edinburgh 0131 number from the communications professionals at Best Reception.

Harnessing innovative cloud technology, virtual numbers allow businesses to target new customers from specific areas of the country without the expense and hassle of obtaining an office. Obtain virtual numbers to advertise your products and services to potential clients in all parts of the UK.

Do you advertise your mobile number on your website? If so, this can encourage a flood of scam calls. An Edinburgh virtual number looks like a traditional landline, so provides a more secure point of contact while appealing to those who prefer to ring local area numbers.

For a modest investment, an Edinburgh area code can unlock new regions for your business. To learn how a virtual phone number can move your marketing to another level, please get in touch with the team at Best Reception.

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Why should I buy 0131 phone number

Virtual numbers can be used on your website and printed leaflets to appeal to people in the Edinburgh area. Whatever lead-generation channels you use, a virtual number is a versatile addition to your branding.

Marketing doesn’t need to require the latest CRM software or outsourced sales experts, an Edinburgh area code is a straightforward and value-for-money alternative to boost your incoming call volume.

From Queensferry to Musselburgh, a virtual phone number will improve your company’s visibility right across the Edinburgh area. Our service also provides unbeatable flexibility as you will be able to run your business remotely, so you can either stay at your current location or even go on holiday.

With our wide range of affordable packages, Best Reception can supply a local 0131 number to companies of all sizes. If you want to earn a reputation as a trusted local firm, talk to our team today.

What location does the 0131 area code cover?

The 0131 area code serves Edinburgh, the historic capital of Scotland, and wider region, which is home to more than 1.3 million people. It is home to the Scottish Government, Parliament and highest law courts.

The city has a thriving economy as the second-largest financial centre in the UK, and fourth biggest in Europe. The city’s long history and selection of cultural attractions, including the fringe festival, make it Britain’s most popular tourist destination outside of London. In total, the city attracts nearly five million tourists per year, including 2.4 million from abroad.

Did you know that Edinburgh has often been referred to as the “Athens of the North” since the 18th century. Visitors noticed the similarities between the city’s Castle Rock and the Athenian Acropolis.

Contact our friendly team today and take your first step towards an 0131 virtual number from Best Reception.

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What are the advantages of a virtual 0131 phone number?

If you want to expand your business north of the border, an Edinburgh virtual phone number is the fast and affordable way to get started.

The beauty of local numbers is that they can be used in all your advertising channels, such as local magazines, brochures, business cards and website landing pages. With the help of the professionals from Best Reception, you can make the most of your virtual Edinburgh phone number.

Before you consider investing in bricks and mortar, a virtual number is the easiest route to open up a new market.

With the support of Best Reception, your business can have the capacity to handle extra incoming calls. Choose one of our call-handling packages and UK-based receptionists will allow you to get on with your day-to-day business. Contact us today to start doing business in Edinburgh.

How much does it cost to buy a Edinburgh phone number?

Purchasing an Edinburgh virtual phone number is cheaper than you might think. Here at Best Reception, we have designed a range of packages offering an affordable option for all businesses.

Our purpose is to provide an honest and transparent service, so our customers don’t need to worry about facing surcharges and confusing small print.

You can buy a virtual Edinburgh number for an initial one-off payment, from just £50. When your virtual number becomes live, there is then a £10 monthly rolling charge.

If you buy a Best Reception call handling package, a virtual number will be included FREE of charge. Your incoming calls will be diverted to a UK landline or mobile number of your choice.

Don’t forget, when you use a virtual phone number from Best Reception your callers will not be charged.

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No monthly fee when you combine your virtual number with our call handling service

Many Best Reception customers choose to take advantage of our call handling packages as they enjoy FREE unlimited monthly usage after paying a set-up fee. There are several options to choose from…

Telephone Answering Service

When you select our entry-level service you still get access to our friendly and professional Best Reception call answering team. Your callers will receive a high standard of customer service with calls answered promptly in a polite and businesslike manner.

This starter package is the perfect choice for small businesses seeking friendly receptionists to handle enquiries, call transfers and messages.


Virtual Receptionist and Appointment Booking

How would you like a virtual PA to manage all your business phone calls, diary appointments and other time-consuming admin tasks? Our fully-trained virtual receptionists allow you to focus on your day job, while we help your business run smoothly.

This package includes everything from our telephone answering service, plus appointment booking and diary management.

Switchboard / Virtual Call Centre

Our UK-based receptionists can manage the switchboard of larger companies who experience a higher volume of phone calls.

Every call will be answered professionally providing your customers with a positive first impression of your business.

Explore our other virtual landline numbers

Here at Best Reception, we have a comprehensive choice of virtual phone numbers to meet the demands of busy businesses.

Freephone numbers

One of our most popular services, freephone numbers ensure that your customers will not be charged when calling from their UK landline or mobile. Instead, your company will cover the cost of the incoming calls.

Also known as 0800 numbers, our virtual freephone numbers are suitable for businesses in a wide range of industries. Offering free calls is a great way to promote a positive customer experience, and can be included in promotional campaigns, social media posts and other advertising.

Offering a freephone service can attract a higher number of calls, which could entice people away from your competition.

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National numbers / Non-geographic

We realise that local numbers are not always suitable for businesses looking to offer services across the UK. This is when a national virtual phone number makes perfect sense as they are not linked to a geographical location.

Here at Best Reception, we can provide companies with a large choice of 0330 virtual national numbers. These numbers cost callers exactly the same as ringing a standard UK landline number.

The numerous benefits of a virtual national number include being more cost-effective than a freephone number, depending on the call volume. Regardless of your physical location, your business can retain the same number, ensuring continuity and boosting your trustworthy reputation.

For Best Reception customers who choose a call-handling package, there are no additional ongoing fees for our virtual numbers. Please note that there is a small set-up fee.

Get your Edinburgh phone number today

Here at Best Reception, we can help you set up your virtual UK phone number in just a few minutes with the help of our friendly advisers. Contact us today to start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still wondering about the benefits of our services, or have a burning question, hopefully you will find the answer below.


Yes, you can either use an existing telephone number or you can choose from a range of numbers from any UK city or town. Our friendly team can check availability of local phone numbers in your chosen location. If you are looking for a particular number, we also have access to a selection of memorable numbers.

We don’t believe in hidden fees or murky contracts. You can get the ball rolling for a small one-off cost (from just £50). Then it costs from just £10 per month to set up a local phone number which can be diverted to a UK landline or mobile number. Remember, there is no monthly fee when you choose a Best Reception call handling package. If you require a memorable number, we can find one at a great price.

While some telecoms companies advertise a free local number, you might get a nasty surprise when you get charged hidden fees to receive calls or enjoy popular features.

Here at Best Reception, there are no monthly fees for virtual numbers when customers who choose one of our call handling packages. (Note, there is a set-up fee to get started).  If you already pay a monthly line rental to a telecoms company, for not much more you could have a receptionist answering your calls!

Don’t worry, let Best Reception do all the hard work for you. We make setting up a virtual local phone number a piece of cake, just call one of our friendly advisors who can guide you through the process. From creating an account with us, we aim to make things as hassle free as possible. When your virtual landline number is up and running, you can start using it on all your marketing and business branding.

We can usually get new customers up and running with a new local phone number within a couple of hours. During particularly busy periods it may take a little longer.

Customers will simply see a local phone number, they will have no idea that it is a cloud based number rather than a traditional landline. The dialling and ringtones are exactly the same, so your customers will never know that they are ringing a virtual number.