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Why Restaurants Can Benefit from Using a Telephone Answering Service

How many times have you called a restaurant in the day to make a reservation, just to find they’re not open yet, or called to order a takeaway, but have found the line engaged? If you own a restaurant, you may not even realise how many calls you are missing. At Best Reception, we understand that restaurants can struggle with calls during opening hours, and risk missing calls regarding reservations during closed hours. Instead of taking on extra staff, or having current restaurant staff members having to choose between diners and answering calls, let Best Reception be your front of house!

Over the years, we have helped a number of restaurants with their suppliers calls, chasing late orders and menu support whilst the restaurant is closed or just busy! We can act as a message taking service, a switchboard, booking service, or deal with live order updates directly with the customer. But what are some other reasons that restaurants would benefit from a call handling service?

Your Front of House

With your own dedicated booking team, providing fantastic customer service on every call, every receptionist will know your restaurant inside out, and you will be free to get on with other important duties, knowing your diners are being looked after. Our restaurant clients see us as an extension of their front of house team. 

Phone Cover During Your Closed Hours

Whilst most restaurants are closed during the day, or have reduced staff, our booking team can make bookings, ensuring you don’t miss out. We can also provide you with a bespoke voicemail which we can monitor and handle for you, along with any email enquiries.

Diary Management and Bookings

Here at Best Reception, diary management is our speciality. We are happy to book, reschedule and cancel wherever needed. Whatever your diary or booking system, we either know it already, or we can learn it. Sign up for our free two week trial today!

Cancellation List

We understand that your restaurant is going to be busy, and at times fully booked. If clients can’t book a table via the website, they will likely call to enquire by phone. Instead of losing potential future diners, we are happy to add them to your wait list in case you get a cancellation.

Dealing With Pre-Orders or Take Away Orders

We have helped our current restaurant clients with takeaway orders, live tracking delivery drivers, and also dealing with pre-orders, and taking payment. Don’t miss a potential order because your line is engaged; have every call answered within seconds of calling.

No Absence or Staff Illness

Diverting your calls to Best Reception means if you’re short staffed, we can answer the phone, and your in house staff can get on with other duties. With a large, experienced team of receptionists trained on your restaurant, even if your staff members are off sick, your calls will be answered, for a fraction of the cost of overtime for another staff member.

Taking Payment

Post covid, a lot of restaurants have made the decision to take a deposit for their bookings. We are happy to handle payments and use your personal payment portal to take payments and log these on your diary, ensuring you limit the amount of no-shows.

Dealing With Queries

If a caller has been on your website and has questions, they may struggle to get hold of anyone outside of your opening hours. Whether it’s to ask about directions, a dietary requirement question or to see if you can accommodate a large party or event, you can be certain that your telephone answering service will be able to handle these, we can do everything for you (apart from washing up!)


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