Tax Advisors

Telephone Answering for Tax Advisors

Numerous Tax advisory firms have found our telephone answering service to be extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Our clients have found that Best Reception not only helps ensure that they never miss out on potential business (through missed phone calls!), but has allowed them more time to focus on the management of their businesses!

For Smaller firms, and independent tax advisors, we understand that creating the impression of a larger enterprise can be invaluable to your business. Having an outsourced reception will not only help to portray this image, but your virtual receptionist can also advise your availability (using our online diary management) and ensure you quickly receive messages, allowing you to efficiently manage your business!

Whats more, for all of our clients in this industry, we understand that familiarity with the services your company provides is essential to effectively answering your calls. Here at Best Reception, we take the time to learn about all aspects of your company, from any specialist areas you may deal in (i.e tax refunds for company shareholders) to your VIP callers. Having a bespoke VIP list will allow your Virtual Receptionists to maintain a close rapport with your existing clients!