Sports Therapists

Telephone Answering for Sports Therapists

How do you answer your phones while you are treating a client? As a Sports Therapist, your priority is ensuring that your client is treated in a professional, relaxed environment, free from the interruption of a ringing phone and without having to wait while you deal with a new enquiry.

You could use an answer phone to handle calls but how many people don’t leave messages? Can you afford to miss out on potential new clients? And would your existing clients want to leave a message which they know could be overheard? So what are the other options…

Best Reception provides an answering service for Sports Therapists throughout the UK. From handling new enquiries through to an appointment booking service using an online diary, your clients will be delighted that their enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, your Best Receptionist can also answer your callers’ questions, ranging from pricing, what to expect and what to wear, right through to directions to your clinic – they may even be slightly surprised when we’re not sat at your front desk!