Online Stores

Telephone Answering for Online Stores

Do you lose out on potential business through not having a telephone ordering service? Or are customers calling your company greeted by a busy tone, or a call waiting message? Many potential customers may be dubious about placing orders online, or will take their business elsewhere if they cannot get through.

Here at Best Reception, we provide a telephone ordering service to many online stores, who have found this to be the perfect solution for their telephone answering requirements. Not only are your calls always answered, but outsourcing your customer service line makes sure that you never miss out on a large clientele of business that prefer to place orders over the phone.

For our clients with online stores, we offer an order taking service in any format they require. Whether you would like us to use an online checkout, sage pay, simply email over orders or any other current system you may use, Best Reception can offer you a tailor-made service to suit the requirements of your business!

Alternatively, we can simply take a message when you are unavailable!

What’s more, we can also provide a customer service line, dealing with any common questions and queries. Using information provided, we can advise on many different aspects of your business, from product recommendations, to return policies, delivery times and even assembly instructions!