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New Year Business Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Businesses

As we enter 2023 every business should have some goals or resolutions for the new year. Every single business always has room to improve and grow and having some clear goals or resolutions can put your business in the direction of success. Have a read through our suggested new year’s resolutions to help your business thrive in 2023.

Resolution 1 – Online presence

The world is becoming more technologically advanced with every day that goes past. Last year’s Digital 2022 Global Overview Report found that the number of global internet users has seen significant growth in the past decade, going from 2.18 billion in 2012 to 4.95 billion in 2022. As of January 2022, there are 4.62 billion social media users globally and 67.1% of the world’s population uses a mobile phone, totalling 5.31 billion unique users.

Having an online presence is so important when it comes to attracting new clientele. Have a look at what you are doing currently and see what you can improve on going forward.

Here are some suggestions that could boost your online presence:

Start a blog!

Firstly, identify topics that would interest your client base, this could be about your business, your industry or a trending topic. Writing a blog shows customers that you are an interactive, interesting and creative company. A good blog will demonstrate industry expertise, drive sales, and increase brand awareness and loyalty. This could especially benefit B2B businesses allowing clients look into your business and get to know your company better.

Invest in social media

Over the past decade, social media users have experienced even faster growth than internet users. The current number of 4.62 billion social media users is more than three times the 1.48 billion from 2012.
Networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help you reach customers from all over the world. These platforms allow your customers to easily see your new products, sales, and discounts, and provide an opportunity for people to share your posts, potentially attracting new clients and increasing sales.

Resolution 2 – Get organised!

Getting organised is a great way to start the new year. There are many reasons why this can benefit you and your employees, here are some examples:

It gives a great impression to clients

First impressions count – For example, if your front of house staff has an organised diary and booking services available, this will encourage clients to make appointments and enquire about services, and also making it easier for your employees to upsell. For businesses with a receptionist, organisation is key. An organised receptionist is better positioned to provide a professional and efficient experience for customers. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase your employees productivity!

Ensuring your employees are being efficient in their working hours and increasing productivity will help your business. When employees are productive, they can complete tasks efficiently and effectively, which can help to improve the overall performance of the business. High levels of productivity can also lead to cost savings, as it takes less time and resources to complete tasks. In addition, highly productive employees are often more motivated and engaged, which can have a positive impact on the company culture and employee retention.

Start your Spring Clean early

It’s a great idea to use the New Year to get your office or clinic sparkling! Making sure all areas, especially front of house areas are clean, keeps everyone safe, including yourself, and keeps staff sickness low. Keep that antibac to hand!

Resolution 3 – Review your business plan and goals

Having goals within a business is essential, however finding the time to review them can be difficult. As the new year is coming up, this is the perfect time to revaluate and know where you want to be in 2023. Here is how goals and a plan can benefit your business:

Goals Change!

Your business plan and goals change, this can be a great thing. Having a goals that reflect your business’ new path can keep everyone focused and driven. It can show you any changes in the market than can affect your profitability and can identify any new competition. This allows you to check in and have a new strategy about how to increase your profitably over time.

Recap on the last year

Evaluate your pros and cons of the last year, what was a benefit to your company and what could you improve on. There are many things externally that could have changed, whether this is within the market, consumer trends or suppliers, but also internally, new employee growth, new products or new systems. All of things are worth thinking about and adjusting your plan accordingly.

In conclusion, it is important for businesses to have clear goals and resolutions in place to help them thrive in the coming year. By improving their online presence through methods such as starting a blog or investing in social media, businesses can attract new customers and showcase their expertise and brand personality. Getting organised can improve the efficiency and productivity of employees, as well as make a good impression on clients. Finally, reviewing and updating business goals can help businesses to stay on track and achieve success in the coming year.

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