Law Firms

Telephone Answering for Law Firms

What happens to your calls when you cannot answer them? Whether you are on the other line, with a client or simply too busy to answer the phone, do your calls go unanswered?

Numerous Law firms based across the UK have chosen Best Receptions telephone answering service to provide them with a cost and time effective solution to this problem. We have many clients in this industry, ranging from small to large firms, all having a tailor made service to fit the requirements of their business.

Whether you simply require a message taking services for when you are unavailable or with clients, or would like calls transferred to you directly, Best Reception can help ensure that all your calls are answered – you will never miss out on potential business!

For all of our clients in this industry, we understand that familiarity with the services your company provides is essential to effectively answering your calls. Here at Best Reception, we take the time to learn about all aspects of your company, from disputes you can handle for your clients (i.e breach of contract, power of attorney) to any specialist areas you may deal with (i.e property law, litigation). We understand how valuable your time is, and allowing us to manage your general enquiries can help you effectively manage your workload!