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Investors in People: Improving our Workplace Culture

In the workplace, having and maintaining a positive work environment is essential when providing an excellent service to our clients. At Best Reception, we value and appreciate each member of staff as well as the service we provide. This can be reflected with our recent Investors in People award.  We value our staff in a variety of different ways to ensure they feel appreciated, improving their employee morale and ultimately encouraging excellent customer satisfaction.

Investors in People is a not-for-profit organisation that invests into the community. They have helped over 50,000 companies worldwide with accrediting their businesses in people management. By achieving an Investors in People award, businesses allow themselves the opportunity to identify their strengths in the workplace, as well as understand areas where they can improve when enhancing workplace culture.

There are many benefits that become apparent when preserving a positive workplace environment, one of which being is the increase in productivity and efficiency. Achieving an excellent level of productivity and efficiency allows us to provide an excellent service to all our clients. One of the ways we at Best Reception boost productivity levels is by offering career growth opportunities to staff that produce work consistently of a high standard. For example, to progress into many of our career pathways, we would require staff to achieve at least 3 months of high accuracy. There are a variety of different routes that we offer and offering staff progression helps to ensure motivation levels within our team, leading to improved product and efficiency in the work we produce. Doing this proves to be successful as the work we provide our clients has led to us achieving a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot.

Another benefit that arises when a positive workspace is created is the improvement of employee morale. This can help to create and improve longstanding relationships within our own business, ultimately creating high work performances as well as improving the standard of work we produce to our clients. One of the ways we at Best Reception create high employee morale is by promoting a work-life balance. We help to achieve this by implementing stress relieving activities during our working day such as celebrating national awareness days. Alongside this, we also hold quarterly performance review meetings, allowing us to evaluate the progress of our staff and support them in areas they may need improvement on. In addition to this, it allows our staff to feedback to us on areas that they think we can improve on. By doing this, we can have clear communication with staff, ensuring that their opinions are heard, which ultimately improves employee morale.

We ensure our workplace environment is kept positive in a variety of different ways. As mentioned previously, we at Best Reception regularly engage our offices in national awareness days and holidays to help relieve stress amongst staff, which also encourages communication between both of our offices. We also recognise the hard work of our staff members and every quarter, we hold the ‘Besties’ awards, in which colleagues can nominate each other, allowing us to recognise and appreciate the hard work of our staff which ultimately helps enhance our workplace environment.

At Best Reception, one of our top priorities in the workplace is to ensure that our staff members are comfortable in the workplace. After achieving our Investors in People award, we held a meeting in which our staff voiced their opinions and provided us with constructive feedback on areas that they think we can improve our workplace environment. We aim to hold regular meetings where we continue taking feedback, allowing us to be able to track our progress on areas we are improving on how we can further enhance our workplace culture. 

Overall, having and maintaining a positive workplace environment is vital to achieve success within your business. By achieving this, it encourages employee retention and improves satisfaction, which in turn can help achieve a variety of factors that can later benefit your company.  If you would like to see how we at Best Reception continue to improve our workplace culture. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram.

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