Telephone Answering for Hypnotherapists

As a hypnotherapist, it is vital for you to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for your clients, to not only help with any anxiety that they may have, but to also ensure that treatment is successful. We understand that it is simply not feasible for you to have your treatments interrupted by a ringing phone, or to even stop a treatment to go answer the phone!

So what happens to your calls? Are your new and existing clients greeted by an off putting voicemail? Hypnotherapy can treat many sensitive and personal conditions, and because of this, many callers will not want to leave a voicemail, or will take their business elsewhere if their call is unanswered.

Here at best reception we have a large clientele of hypnotherapists, ranging from independent practitioners working from home, to larger clinics with multiple practitioners and locations. Whether you would like a fully functioning booking service or simply require a message taking service for when you are unavailable or with clients, Best reception can offer you a tailor made service to fit your requirements!

For practices of any size, our booking service can provide you with a full time receptionist to book and manage your appointments. We can use your existing booking system or you are more than welcome to use ours – whichever suits you!

What’s more, your virtual reception can answer your callers’ questions, ranging from pricing of treatment, what conditions you can treat, what to expect from an appointment, right through to your qualifications and directions to your clinic. We can even take payments over the phone if you so wish!