Holiday Resorts

Telephone Answering for Holiday Resorts

How does your resort deal with its potential new enquiries? Are your callers greeted by a voicemail, busy tone or “call waiting” message if they cannot get through? Do you lose out on potential business if calls go unanswered?

Here at Best Reception, we understand that when running a holiday resort, your main priority is to cater to the needs of your guests. The day to day running of your resort can monopolise the majority of your time, and as a result of this many different types of resorts, from Ski Chalets right through to beach resorts, use Best Receptions telephone answering service to answer their calls and manage their bookings.

For many of our clients in this industry, our virtual reception provides them with a full time receptionist to cater to the needs of their callers, whether you simply require a message taking service for when you are unavailable, or would like your virtual receptionist to manage your bookings (i.e taking deposits).

What’s more, your virtual receptionist can answer your callers’ questions. We can advise your callers on all aspects of your resort, from your prices, availability, accommodation, right through to flight transfers and details of local tourist attractions! For your potential new guests – we can answer their queries and questions, and even get them booked for a holiday, while you are catering to the needs of your current guests!