Financial Advisors

Telephone Answering for Financial Advisors

Many Independent financial advisors have found using our telephone answering service extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Best Reception has provided them with the perfect solution for their call answering requirements – they did not want their potentially new and existing clients greeted with a voicemail, or even hanging up the phone when their calls went unanswered!

For our clients in this industry, we understand that creating the impression of a larger enterprise can be invaluable to your business. Having an outsourced reception will not only help to portray this image, but your virtual receptionists will give a great impression to your potentially new and existing clients. Using our online diary management, we can also advice your clients of your availability, informing them of any meetings you may have (and advising them of any delay that may occur in their enquiry being responded to!)

What’s more, you can also provide us with an unlimited amount of information about all aspects of your company, allowing us to not only advise your callers accordingly if you so wish, but to help maintain a close relationship with your existing clients. Your virtual receptionist can become familiar with your VIP’S, and answer any questions from your company history right through to what financial services you provide.