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As an Estate Agency, you may find it difficult when juggling work with your current clients and handling any new enquiries. At Best Reception, we understand the difficulty of this, and we can provide you with a bespoke service where we can alleviate your workload and provide your clients with the best customer service possible.

At Best Reception, we have many estate agency client from around the United Kingdom ranging from small to larger companies. All of these clients have tailor-made services to suit the requirements of their business. One of the services that you may find beneficial is for us to handle any new enquiries. When doing this, you can structure these calls if you’re after specific information from the caller (name, number, property they’re interested in), this proves to be beneficial as we are providing you with the more relevant information to continue the enquiry when you call back.

Additionally, we are also able to provide a bespoke booking service for your callers, so we can arrange and manage viewings. You have ability to share an online diary with us so we can check availability and manage any viewings whilst you are away from your desk or out doing viewings. This help assures that your clients are being efficiently managed and helps build the relationship between yourselves.

How our call handling services can help you

High volume switchboard services

Outsource your switchboard to Best Reception to improve customer service, increase phone cover AND save money!

Bespoke Call Handling

Perfect for customer support. Our message taking service is tailored to suit you - instant messages with specific details taken from every call.

Virtual Receptionist Appointment booking

Your virtual telephone answering receptionist can book meetings and monitor your diary to give live, up to date help to your callers.

Message taking and call transferring

Remote phone answering service that can take messages and/or transfer your calls. Please contact us with your requirements.

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How it works

The best place to start is to call our friendly Customer Service Team. You’ll experience our service first hand, can describe your requirement and discuss how you would like Best Reception to work for you.

We’ll obtain all the info we need to arrange your fully functioning free trial. We’ll create your call handling instructions and brief your team – then we’ll start taking your calls!

Your trial will work brilliantly from the first call and, with your feedback, we’ll build on this to even further improve your service. At trial end, we’ll provide a breakdown, anticipated call volumes and recommend a call plan.

If you’d like to continue (most people do!), everything will just keep running for you. To make the most of your service, please keep in contact, keep us up to date and have peace of mind that we’ve got your calls covered.

Frequently asked questions

At Best Reception we can help your business prosper. We can ensure your calls are answered quickly and with care so any new or existing clients are satisfied with the customer service they receive. We understand that client relationships are at the top of your priorities, let us answer your calls so you will be undisturbed by ringing phones, knowing your client are being taken care of.

Almost all phone systems can be set to divert in just a few moments. We provide you with a dedicated phone number which you divert your calls to when you are in a meeting, on the other line or simply unavailable. When your caller telephones your business, the call is seamlessly diverted to your Best Reception Virtual PA who will instantly know that the call is for your company.  The receptionist will then answer in your company’s name and deal with the call as per your instructions.

When you join Best Reception we will go through all the information with you that we need to fully understand your business. All our staff will then be trained on your company before they answer any calls for you.

However you would like us to, normally along the line of “Good Morning/Afternoon, “Your Company Name”, how can I help you”…. but it is up to you.

Absolutely! We actively encourage our potential customers to try our service for FREE for 2 weeks without any obligation.

Our call answering team are UK based and work from our offices in Ware, Hertfordshire.

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