Box Offices

Telephone Answering for Box Offices

How does your business manage its telephone bookings? Does your business not have a telephone booking line? Or do you lose potential business from customers that cannot get through?

Best Reception provides a variety of box offices, from Theatres right through to concert ticket lines, with a telephone booking system and customer service helpline that has proven to be invaluable to the running of their businesses. Our telephone answering service not only helps to ensure that your business will never miss a call, but also ensures that you do not miss out on a large clientele of business that prefer to book tickets over the phone, and not through an online checkout.

For a number of our clients, we act as a fully fledged box office booking service. Using any system you choose (i.e. emailing, sage pay, an online checkout, or a current system you have in place) we can take payments over phone from your customers! Whether you would like to outsource your entire box office line, or use our booking service to deal with your overspill, Best Reception can provide you with a tailor-made service to suit your requirements!

Whats more, not only can your Virtual Reception manage your bookings, but your receptionists can also answer your callers’ questions! From pricing, right through to show information and directions, we can provide your business with a customer service line to deal with all of your callers’ general questions and queries!