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Benefits of Good Customer Service

The advantages of good customer service are indisputable. Quality service will benefit your business with new sales, retain customers, put you ahead of your competitors and increase your revenue. At Best Reception, customer satisfaction is at our core. We understand the importance of a good customer service because it is what makes our business model so successful and valuable to clients. The most successful businesses know that it is not enough to just provide a high quality product or service, the customer experience that comes with this is also paramount. But what are the real benefits of quality service?

Client Retention

One of the key advantages of a good customer experience is that it encourages repeat custom. When using a reliable and friendly service, customers are satisfied with their experience and leave knowing that they have dealt with a company they can trust and can rely on in the future if needed. In future, they may also use other services the business provides. For example, we have experienced that within a multi-disciplinary clinic, podiatry clients often return for massage appointments as they trust the company. A client who is happy, and satisfied, with the service provided will not only return themselves, but they may also recommend the business or service to others too; from one good experience, you can generate multiple repeat customers.

First Impressions

At the first stage of enquiry, having a reliable communication line to ensure a caller can reach your business can help give a fantastic first impression. The likelihood is if a customer reaches out to a company and they do not answer the phone the first time, they may call elsewhere, meaning you lose out on potential business and income. We also find that our clients who use our answering services, not only never miss a call, but can also make a company appear bigger and more established.

Reputation and Recommendation

When recommending a company to others, people will discuss both negatives and the positives from their experiences. With easily accessible internet reviews and social media, reputation really matters. From start-ups, to long established companies, a good reputation is paramount, and can take years to build. Fantastic customer service can establish, build and maintain a good reputation for your company.

Standing Out from the Crowd

It’s almost certain that there will be competitors within your company’s sector, so having great customer service will ensure that people will seek your company out in a crowded market. A company can stand out through their service, marketing strategies and their company ethos. Good customer service may be the easiest and also the cheapest marketable way to ensure your company is set apart from the your competitors.

Providing a Premium Experience

Companies with great customer service will be sought after. Potential and existing valued clients will be happy to pay a premium price if they know they will be satisfied with the service. For a company, being able to charge a higher price for a premium service will allow your business to become more successful and profitable. For the client, they will be confident that every communication, whether on the phone, by email or in person will be an excellent experience, every time.

Employee Morale

Companies who have a focus on brilliant customer service often create a ‘can-do’ attitude within the workplace, increasing employee morale. Employees who work for an ethical, happy cultured company and who feel looked after and respected, will in turn, be happier in their work, which will often translate into their everyday role. As the workload increases, employees will be happier to take on more responsibility, making your company more efficient and successful overall.

Post Covid Changes

All sectors experienced a lot of changes during Covid. Clinics, salons and restaurants became appointment only and office workers have made the move to work from home. Many businesses experienced face to face enquiries rapidly reduce without a high street presence. Consumers are now more likely to search online or call to make an enquiry. However, if a customer does not receive a response from either of these lines of communication, companies could potentially miss out on new clients and customers and therefore lose potential income.

Here at Best Reception, we pride ourselves on delivering an excellent customer service experience to your clients on every single call. By using a telephone answering service like ours, companies can ensure every client is answered the first time they call, details taken, and if needed, appointment booked, resulting in you never losing a client. We know your time is valuable. That’s why we offer a free two week trial. Click here for more information and to try our service today.


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