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Meet Millie: Becoming a Best Receptionist

Following last week's post in which we spoke with Wendy, who handles our recruitment and applications, we wanted to explore what it's like to be on the other side of the process, for our applicants and new starters. This week, we spoke to Millie, who joined Best Reception in January 2022, to find out how she discovered the role, her application process and how she's found working at Best Reception.


After deciding to leave University during Covid, and moving back home – finding full time employment was my next step. I was looking for a job in customer service as I had missed being around people and I wanted a job where I would be able talk to people every day. Working from home was not something I wanted to do – I needed social interaction and really wanted to be able to work in an office environment. I had been attending all of my University lectures from home which I found it difficult in terms of motivating myself but also with separating my home and work environments.


I spent days on various job sites scrolling and applying. I really struggled to find a role where I fulfilled the specification as so many jobs were asking for years of experience. To help me track what jobs I was applying to, I made a spreadsheet. Being able to see who had replied to my application and who hadn’t allowed me to follow up with the company to show my eagerness for the job. The Best Reception advert really stuck out to me because it wasn’t looking for any formal qualifications and would provide full training.


I edited my CV in a way so that the skills that I learned at my previous job could be applied to this job. I wrote a small cover letter within my email and sent my CV over. I heard back quickly, which was very different to most jobs I applied for and was offered an interview. I was advised before I came in for the interview to look at the website so I could understand what Best Reception does. I was really surprised by the concept of a virtual receptionist, I had never come across a phone answering service before. It made me question how many people I had spoken to on the phone who worked for an answering service.


Being a Best Reception employee has been great and has really helped me in taking my first step into the working world.

Walking to the interview, I remember feeling very nervous. It was very daunting stepping into an office that was filled with conversation after having studied from home in solitude during Covid. When I walked in, I was given some forms to complete, which had some competency based questions. After completing these, I was then led up to my interview. At first I felt nervous, but as the interview went on, I felt more at ease as I was able to use some of the answers I had practised, but also answers that I thought of on the spot. The interview grew to be more of a conversation which surprised me. We talked about my education, my past job experiences, and also my strengths and weaknesses.


At the end of the interview I was asked to call back later that day to find out if I was successful in my application. I called back, and to my delight, I got the job! I offered to start as soon as possible, I had my interview on the Thursday and started on the Tuesday. At the time I was confused as to why I could not start on the Monday. Now I can definitely see why! Monday is by far the busiest day of the week at Best Reception.


Starting at Best Reception was my first time in an office environment. There are over 30 receptionists working here, and we are spread between two offices. After I had been introduced to all the people in the office, I sat down at my new desk. I sat with my trainer and she guided me on what to say, which made me feel more confident. Then the phone started to ring; I listened, wrote the information down and learned the call process. That first call was so nerve wracking but my colleague helped me through it and throughout the day I began to feel more and more comfortable and confident. Over my first week I took more and more calls and I was able to start answering independently. I was able to progress and learn quicker as I had full support and training.


Making the final decision to leave University and start a new job was huge, but the right choice for me. Working at Best Reception has made a real difference and boosted my confidence, especially as every day I speak with hundreds of people, and this has been a huge benefit to my mental well-being as well as my happiness. Being a Best Reception employee has been great and has really helped me in taking my first step into the working world. Full training has been provided every step of the way and the team have been so supportive and helped me gain new skills and experience to quickly progress within the company.

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