Advertising Agencies

Telephone Answering for Advertising Agencies

As an Advertising Agency you understand the true value of attracting and retaining new customers to your business. The cost and hard work that is put into attracting new clients to call your business is immense and so it is vital that when that new customer does call, their call is always answered quickly, professionally and by someone who understands your business.

Regardless of the size of your agency, our telephone answering service can prove extremely beneficial to the running of your business. We currently work with clients in your industry ranging from sole traders right through to large agencies; all having a tailor-made service to fit the requirements of their business.

For sole traders, we understand that creating the impression of a larger enterprise can be invaluable to your business. Having a outsourced reception will help to portray this image, and your virtual receptionists will give a great first impression to your potentially new and existing clients.

For all of our advertising agencies, from sole traders to larger organisations, we help you ensure that every call will be answered, screened and routed to the correct person; so no potential business is missed and your time is spent working on core activities! We can obtain any information you require from callers, transfer calls to relevant staff or departments, or take a message. You can also provide us with all the information we’ll need about your company, from VIP callers to current events or campaigns you are involved in so that we can provide to truly personalised service to your agency.