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The Day Before the Marathon

The nerves are starting to kick in, I’ve had pasta for dinner last night, lunch today and dinner tonight… maybe even breakfast tomorrow, parnoid about twisting an ankle, eating something dodgy, missing my train, trains being cancelled, not being able to sleep, sleeping in, losing my running vest, timing chip, trainers, kit bag, forgetting my essentials and a million other things that could all go wrong.. I guess this is similar to 34,999 other people right now.

Had hoped to get a last minute light run in yesterday but didn’t get out of the office on time, so have decided to just relax (or try to) and make a conscious decision that I am as ready now as I’m going to be and as long as nothing goes bandy I should be fine… I hope.

Strategy for race day; aiming for 4 hours which is 9min 9 sec per mile, so going to try to do a 10 minute mile for the first one, then 9 minutes thereafter for the rest of the race.  Once I get beyond mile 16, if there is anything left in the tank, i might crank it up a little bit and then again at 21 but I may just stay at the 9 minute pace (assuming I can keep it up!).

Mustn’t get carried away at the start and hopefully the dreaded wall will be breakthroughable!

Can’t believe that in 24 hours it’ll all be over (I Hope!!)

Wish me luck!


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