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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Call Answering for Podiatrists

If you are a podiatrist, it can be tricky to be available to answer all of your calls that come in. Especially if you are a podiatrist running your own company, this can mean that it will not be cost effective to employ an in house receptionist to answer your calls. Particularly if like many [...]

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Does your business need an overflow service?

Running a business can require a lot of your own time and hard work, and so hiring a receptionist to manage all of your calls and admin work seems like the perfect solution. But what happens when your receptionist is on the other line or away from their desk at the time that vital phone [...]

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Answering Service for Driving Instructor’s

Whilst on the road with a client your phone may ring, however you are not able to pick this up due to instructing a learner driver. The call will go to answer phone, and not wanting to leave a message the caller may hang up, and phone the next driving instructor on their list that [...]

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It’s Not Always Convenient To Answer Your Phones

Hearing your phone ring at an inconvenient time is never a good thing. You are always wondering when you hear the phone ring off, who was that? Was it a new enquiry? Have I missed a new business opportunity? At Best Reception we can answer your calls for you to ensure that you do not [...]

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Call Answering for Garage Door Companies

Here at Best Reception we act as an answering service for a wide variety of companies, one of them being garage door companies. They find our service particularly useful as they may be unavailable on client sites and this may prevent them from answering the phone, which could lead to losing business. Or they may [...]

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A virtual reception- helping you to juggle your multiple phone lines

If your company has a high call volume or more than one phone line, outsourcing your calls to Best Reception may be the best way to save you time and money by helping to ensure that you never miss a call or business opportunity again Whether your business is small or large, it can be [...]

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The role of a virtual receptionist- It’s trickier than it looks

A lot of people may be under the impression that the role of a virtual receptionist is a straight forward and simple one, myself included before I took on the role. However having worked as a virtual receptionist for the past few weeks, I have since realised that the role is not as straight forward [...]

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Case Study – Call Answering for Photographers

Here at Best Reception, amongst our diverse range of clientele we have photographers. They find it very beneficial to use our call answering service as they may be unable to answer the phone whilst on photo shoots or while they are with clients. If you yourself are a photographer and are struggling to juggle current [...]

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Take Care of Your Existing Clients Before Someone Else Does!

Taking care of your existing clients is just as important as recruiting new clients. They do not want to feel ignored or feel as they have no one to answer their questions ASAP. An outsourced reception will be ready and available to answer and help with any questions or queries they may have straight away. [...]

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Telephone Answering for Legal Services.

Due to the latest ‘Tesco Law’ now more than ever legal services will find outsourcing their reception extremely beneficial to the running of their business. The new law allows non-lawyers to set up legal practices, enable supermarkets and other high street retailers to offer legal services to the public. This new law will vastly increase [...]

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