Telephone Answering & Virtual Receptionist Services

We pride ourselves on providing the very best virtual reception and Best Reception's service is much more than a telephone answering service.

Sales Screening

On the whole we do receive a rather large amount of sales calls throughout the day.  These calls can easy build up and you may find yourself paying out for calls that you don’t even want! Here at Best Reception we give you the opportunity to eliminate this worry by using our Sales Screening service for absolutely free!

We offer to screen out all sales calls for your company for FREE! Not only does this save you money but it also saves you time as you won’t be interrupted whilst working and can get more done!

If we do accidentally send through a sales call to you all you need to do is let us know and we will delete the message from your monthly tally so you will not be charged.  We can also add the company that you don’t want to hear from to our block list so we don’t mistakenly send them through to you again.

However this service is optional so if you would still like to receive calls/messages from sales calls this is no problem. Or you can even choose to screen out any irrelevant sales but keep any relevant ones that you may be interested in!

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