Telephone Answering & Virtual Receptionist Services

We pride ourselves on providing the very best virtual reception and Best Reception's service is much more than a telephone answering service.

Telephone Answering for Restaurants

Within our large clientele many restaurants find our service extremely beneficial to the running of their business. Many of which use us as much more than just an answering service. For one of our client’s we not only answer their calls, we also take table reservations and book them in on a shared online diary which is visible to them and our receptionists. Many clients find this extremely useful as running a restaurant can be very stressful when trying to serve customers and answering the phone at the same time. By using our service you can pay all your attention to your customers and will not have to worry about answering the phone as we here a best reception will take care of these calls and help your customers as much as we can.

Due to many restaurants not being open during the day it is not very cost effective to employ a receptionist during your off peak times. But leaving the calls to a voicemail can be extremely off-putting and they may take their business elsewhere, with our service you won’t have to worry about not being open or unavailable. We are here to handle all calls or act as an overflow for you existing system and are able to book reservations and give out any required information including prices, opening hours and parking.

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