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We pride ourselves on providing the very best virtual reception and Best Reception's service is much more than a telephone answering service.

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A virtual reception- helping you to juggle your multiple phone lines

If your company has a high call volume or more than one phone line, outsourcing your calls to Best Reception may be the best way to save you time and money by helping to ensure that you never miss a call or business opportunity again Whether your business is small or large, it can be [...]

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The role of a virtual receptionist- It’s trickier than it looks

A lot of people may be under the impression that the role of a virtual receptionist is a straight forward and simple one, myself included before I took on the role. However having worked as a virtual receptionist for the past few weeks, I have since realised that the role is not as straight forward [...]

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Take Care of Your Existing Clients Before Someone Else Does!

Taking care of your existing clients is just as important as recruiting new clients. They do not want to feel ignored or feel as they have no one to answer their questions ASAP. An outsourced reception will be ready and available to answer and help with any questions or queries they may have straight away. [...]

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Telephone Answering for Legal Services.

Due to the latest ‘Tesco Law’ now more than ever legal services will find outsourcing their reception extremely beneficial to the running of their business. The new law allows non-lawyers to set up legal practices, enable supermarkets and other high street retailers to offer legal services to the public. This new law will vastly increase [...]

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The Importance of Customer Communication

           Customer communication is key in any field of any business. This has recently been brought to light due to a lot of talk on the news about ‘how much people really do trust their banks’. A current study on how much consumers trust their banks post-recession, this has shown that 57% of consumers in [...]

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Client Feedback

“I am really happy with the service so far. The messages have been coming through perfectly and I cant tell you how much lighter I feel!” Well done girls!

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Overcoming customer fear with Ecommerce Sites.

Outsourcing your reception is a great way to help first time buyers overcome their apprehension of using your ecommerce site. Here at Best Reception we help to put you customers at ease by providing you with a professional consistent image. This is achievable by providing your customers with a contact number where a polite and [...]

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Bespoke Services.

One of the most important services offered by any reputable telephone answering company will be their bespoke services. Here at Best Reception, we believe that offering a wide range of services for any sized company is vital, as we always aim to tailor-make our service to fit the requirements of any business.       Our [...]

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Client feedback

One of our clients currently trialling with us, who work with renewable energy, have come to us with some wonderful feedback today! They are “absolutely delighted with every aspect of the wonderful service” Well done to all of the virtual receptionists!

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Call Answering for Beauticians

Best Reception not only answers calls for office based industries, but also for smaller establishments such as beauticians. They find us very useful as a call answering service and as a booking service. Beauticians will use us when there are only a few members of staff working with them, this will avoid the phone ringing [...]

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